Craft Nights

For the past several months, I’ve gotten together with a group of friends for craft night. Although lately, they’ve turned into let’s-drink-some-wine-and-talk-while-maybe-thinking-about-our-projects nights. I’m OK with that too.

Tonight, we celebrated the birthday if our dear friend, Samantha.



If cupcakes from Happy Cakes don’t say “happy birthday,” I’m not sure what would.

And, I did some crocheting. Maybe four rows of a blanket that’s taking me FOREVER.


I’m doing a single crochet ripple stitch. Crochet is new to me and I’ve never done a blanket before. I kinda got ahead of myself…it was supposed to be a wedding gift two weeks ago. ūüôā Scarlet and gray for some ultimate fans of The Ohio State University.



I need to do about six more stripes to make it a decently sized blanket. That’s Blue, our cat, checking out my handy work.



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