A couple of friends and I went to a Kanzashi flower class at Fabric Bliss on Sunday and learned how to make these.

Ours didn’t quite turned out like that (or as we hoped), but the process was fun. It also so happened that my niece turned the big f-o-u-r yesterday, so the one good flower I was able to produce turned into a barrette for her. Yay!

I went home and tried another with some scrap fabric.

I didn’t get pictures of the second one, but it turned out just as cute. Another yay! So, two hair clips were shipped in the mail. Happy birthday, Gracie girl!

By the way, if you live in Denver and like to sew, you definitely need to check out Fabric Bliss. It’s a cute shop, filled with tons of awesome fabrics and yarns (lots of Amy Butler!) and is owned by a fabulous woman named Aurora. She just opened a couple months ago. Go forth, buy stuff and support local biz! Oh, and here’s Fabric Bliss’ blog: http://www.fabricblissdenver.com/Blog.html.



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