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18 Miles in 24 Hours

This week, with the Courage Classic behind me, I’ve rekindled my love for running. There’s been lots of running. Two-a-days abound. In the last 24 hours, I’ve run 18 miles. I ran five  yesterday morning, six yesterday evening and seven this morning. Hopefully that’s good training for the Wild West Relay. I’m kinda winging it.

I feel really good. I’m thrilled that I’ve been able to ramp up so quickly and still have fresh legs.

I’m also really thankful for the Highline Canal Trail, which is only a mile from our house. It’s sooooo nice to have a good running path that close. There were a ton of runners out this morning, which helps create an excitement and provide motivation.


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Courage Classic Day 3

What a great weekend and a nice bike tour. Had an awesome time this weekend. I’d absolutely recommend the Courage Classic to anyone looking for an event in the summer – beginning and advanced cyclists alike. It’s a well-run event, and is for a great cause.

Day three involved a 33-mile ride (we skipped Turquoise Lake) over Fremont Pass (11,318 ft.) from Copper Mountain to Leadville. Here’s the day in pictures.

Slow and steady up the pass (yes, I took this while riding…that’s talent).

The crew at the top.

Checking out the map and deciding whether or not to skip Turquoise Lake. We skipped it.

At the finish line.

Celebrating the beautiful, sunny Colorado day.

A look back at the finish line while we head to the car.

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Courage Classic Day 2

Day two, 46 miles in photos:

We started downhill for several miles, then around Lake Dillon.



We rode on a bike path for most of the ride.


At the top of Swan Mountain.


The lunch scene in Breckenridge.


Bikes on break.


The end in sight (Copper Mountain in the background).


At the day two finish line.


Ice bath in the river.



And day two comes to an end. Last day tomorrow!

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Courage Classic Day 1

About to fall asleep (at 9:30…very rare), and wanted to share about our first day at the Courage Classic.

All told, I feel good. Tired, but good. I’m pleased with the ride, especially because I hadn’t done any climbing on a bike since the Iron Horse, and I haven’t been on my bike in the past two weeks. So, to finish and still feel like I had more in the tank at the end is a win.

We rode 58 miles, from Leadville to Copper Mountain, over Vail Pass and Tennessee Pass.

Here’s a collection of photos to tell the story of today’s ride.

At Tennessee Pass.



My bike tag. I was a top fundraiser last year, #23. It also so happens that my favorite number is 23. I like it.


Mother and son, on the way up Battle Mountain.


On our way up Battle Mountain.


My dad, who came from Phoenix (aka sealevel) to do the ride.




The lunch scene.


Dad about dies on the way up Vail Pass. That guy is a trooper.


My glove tan line. Notice the mesh.


About to soak our legs in the river. Nature’s ice bath. It felt amazing.


Uncle Brady and Avery. Best buds. On our way to happy hour.


More to come tomorrow. Time for sleep!

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It’s been a busy work week. Can you tell by my lack of posts? I’ve had trouble finding balance this week. Work is one thing, but also prioritizing my training schedule.

There’s the Courage Classic, which is a lot of cycling (and climbing hills, at that). And there’s the Wild West Relay, which requires a lot of 5-6 mile runs…ideally 2-3 a day. I haven’t found time for it all.

My solution? Don’t do any training. Well, that’s not a solution, I guess…but that’s kinda what happened. I haven’t been on my bike in two weeks. And my running has been sparse.


We’re on our way up to Copper right now for the Courage Classic. Should be interesting! Good thing I decided to take this one easy.

Resolution for next week: focus on running!

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Dumb Flats

I’m blogging by the side of the road. Because I’m waiting for my husband to pick me up. Because I have a flat tire.


See that slit? It’s now caused three flats. I either need a really good patch (our make-shift ones didn’t hold) or a new tire. Grrrr.

I was supposed to log 28 miles on the bike today (to and from work) to get some last-minute training in for the Courage Classic AND I was supposed to run 5-6 miles this evening to train for the Wild West Relay. Now I’ll have to choose between running and riding tonight. Oh, I hate when things don’t go as planned.

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14ers For Beginners

Not sure how many people saw the Denver Post article on Saturday, but there’s a good article for 14er begginers. Click here to read it. And, I’m not sure anything really beats as a resource!

The article lists a few suggestions for your first 14er (relatively easy hikes, with quick access from Denver). In addition, I’d suggest Huron Peak, Mt. Antero or Mt. Princeton, espeically if you have a high-clearance, 4wd vehicle. You’ll drive a bit farther to get to the peaks I mentioned, but you’ll also get away from the crazy crowds that flock to the Front Range.

We hiked our first 14er in the Sangre de Cristo Range this weekend – Humboldt Peak (14,064′).

That’s us at the top with the Crestones in the background. More pics and a trip report to come soon! Happy Monday, everyone!

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