Oh, 14ers

Brady, Lola and I summitted our 27th 14er yesterday, Mt. Massive. Only 26 to go. Halfway there! If you’re interested in our whole trip report, you can go to 14ers.com, or click here.

This post was going to be about how excited I am that we are only halfway to our goal of climbing all 53 14ers in Colorado, but as I was poking around the 14ers.com website this morning, I learned of four recent deaths on 14ers. Four deaths. They all happened within one week of each other. And they all happened on peaks that Brady and I have already summitted.

To read about the individual stories, click here.

What gets me the most about these accidents is that they all happened on relatively “easy” peaks. Mt. Evans, Missouri Mountain and Mt. Princeton are all considered to be beginner/intermediate hikes. No technical is climbing involved (i.e. ropes, harnasses, etc.) to get to these summits. They are all plain and simple hikes.

It is devestatingly sad how these folks met their end. My heart hurts for them and their loved ones. It’s a very good reminder for Brady and I as we continue our 14er journey to be extremely careful and pay close attention to weather and other conditions. Anything can happen on these mountains, and too often I think we Coloradoans consider them our playgrounds rather than dangerous places. In essence, they are both.

We’ve turned back on two peaks because of weather/poor conditions. It wasn’t easy. And now that we’re closer to our goal, will it be harder for us to turn back if we don’t have good conditions? Probably. It’s hard to say. Here’s a good post on 14ers.com that describes the mentality: http://www.14ers.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=30712&p=363006#p362946. I’d recommend reading it.


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