To me, our house is a constantly evolving design project. I will probably never consider it “finished” (much to Brady’s shagrin). And, artwork is something I’ll probably always rotate on and off the walls.

I’ve been struggling with our dining room wall. It’s a very large wall, horizontally.

Ideally, I’d like an enourmous canvas of something pretty/abstract to cover the majority of the wall. But that either requires a lot of creativity or a lot of money. Neither will do for now.

So…my solution for the moment is to frame photographs that we have taken during our hiking trips. I don’t want a lot of posed pictures of us on mountains, though. So instead, I’ve been trying to capture the moss that is on many of the rocks on the 14ers we climb (that’s actually one of them in the heading of this blog). They’ll evoke a memory for us, but will not make us look completely narcissistic to visitors.

I have two pictures framed already. I’d like 3-4 more to go along the wall. So, the effect will be like this:

On our hike Monday, I took a bagillion moss pictures. I think I found some winners. Here are my favs:

What do you think? Any favorites from the above?

I’ll also be taking donations for the frames. I have the other two in metal frames from cb2, and I’d like them all to match. Gift idea…hint, hint.

And then once the photos are up, I’ll need to find that record player/credenza to go on that wall too. See what I mean…it never ends!



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2 responses to “Moss

  1. Laura

    I like the first picture! For frames, have you tried going to Home Goods or Ross and then switching out the photos? It may be hard to find a matching set. Or I’m obsessed with ebay and online shopping. You could probably find frames that way.

  2. All good suggestions…I’ll give them a whirl. The trouble is that I already have two of the cb1 frames and I kinda fell in love with them. Doh! I might check ebay again though…

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