Do I get it? Or no?

I got caught Craigslist shopping again. And now I’m in a pickle. This is a cool couch…

…but we don’t need a couch. But, I kinda want to get it. I like the style. It has good lines. I love the tufting and the legs. I’m not sold on the fabric, but it’s not horrible. I could even reupholster it eventually. I’m guessing I could get it for $250, max.

Hmmm, that’s not really in the budget.

Oh, but I like it.

What’s a girl do to? (probably think about it, and then it’ll be sold by the time I make a decision…I’m good at that) 




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2 responses to “Do I get it? Or no?

  1. Fritzy

    Get it! so retro and awesome, and you can sew (do you sew?) some bright, bold throw pillows!

  2. I know…that’s what I’m thinking, @Fritzy. It could be really cool. =)

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