Courage Classic Day 1

About to fall asleep (at 9:30…very rare), and wanted to share about our first day at the Courage Classic.

All told, I feel good. Tired, but good. I’m pleased with the ride, especially because I hadn’t done any climbing on a bike since the Iron Horse, and I haven’t been on my bike in the past two weeks. So, to finish and still feel like I had more in the tank at the end is a win.

We rode 58 miles, from Leadville to Copper Mountain, over Vail Pass and Tennessee Pass.

Here’s a collection of photos to tell the story of today’s ride.

At Tennessee Pass.



My bike tag. I was a top fundraiser last year, #23. It also so happens that my favorite number is 23. I like it.


Mother and son, on the way up Battle Mountain.


On our way up Battle Mountain.


My dad, who came from Phoenix (aka sealevel) to do the ride.




The lunch scene.


Dad about dies on the way up Vail Pass. That guy is a trooper.


My glove tan line. Notice the mesh.


About to soak our legs in the river. Nature’s ice bath. It felt amazing.


Uncle Brady and Avery. Best buds. On our way to happy hour.


More to come tomorrow. Time for sleep!


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