Laundry Room Design

Inspired by the newly opened Ikea and a freakish need to stay organized, I took some free time today and drafted a new style board for our laundry/mud room. What do you think?


We keep the pet food in the laundry room, and I’d love to have some nice-looking storage for that, as well as make some elevated food bowls for Lola. And, since it’s kinda the pets’ room, I’d love to have the art in the laundry room be portraits of them. =)

Now, as soon as I have a house budget again, I’ll get crackin’ on this. Maybe in the meantime I can find some awesome orange paint to kick things off. Everything is always fresher with new paint.

PS – I LOVE style boards to keep me organized and on task when re-styling a room. It helps visualize the whole room together and gives you a checklist for new purchases (and a purpose to Craigslist shopping). And, it’s easier than it looks! I just copy and paste a bunch of photos into Power Point.


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