Blanket Finished

Hip hip hooray! My very first large-scale crochet project is finished! Last night I put the finishing touches on the blanket I’ve been working on as a wedding gift.

Here are the stats:

60″ x 54″ – dimensions
Used 9 skeins of Patron’s Melody Quick an Cozy yarn in Racy Red. (85-yd, 3.5-oz skein)
Used 10 skeins of Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick and Quick yarn in Grey Marble. (106-yd, 6-oz skein)
Size N crochet hook
Single crochet ripple stitch
140+ stitches per row
6 rows per stripe
18 stripes

It took about three months to complete, but that doesn’t include all of the time it spent just sitting in my living room. Once I established the pattern, it was pretty easy to churn out a few rows per sitting (or more…I took it on a trip with me and got a few stripes done on each leg of the airplane ride).

This is a great project if you’re just beinning to crochet, or if you want to learn how. A friend introduced me to the single crochet stitch, and I learned the rest by watching YouTube videos. That’s all it takes! I’m happy to discuss pointers for beginner crocheters too…=)

Here are a few more pictures of the blanket. I’m excited to finally give this gift away! I hope they don’t mind that Lola made herself comfortable with the blanket…



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