1 Day, 13 Hours, 25 Minutes, 39 Seconds…

But, who’s counting? Not much longer until race day (Wild West Relay)! I’m ready. I’m excited. It’s going to be fun.

I ran three miles yesterday morning, five last night, and three again this morning. Not long runs, but enough to keep me moving. I don’t think I’ll run again until race day. Time to rest up the legs and the tight hamstring (it’s still bugging me…kinda nervous about it).

I also started to pack last night. There’s so much stuff! If I have this much stuff, I’m guessing we could times this by six (the # of people on our team)…and that equals a TON of stuff. Hope it all fits in our borrowed Suburban! I suppose we are all bringing stuff for the group, so that will help…no duplication.

Here’s my constantly growing packing list.

And here’s a look at my growing pile (the blue bag…yes, it’s from Ikea…is full).


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