Smells In Our Car

After 25 hours and counting of using our borrowed Suburban as home base for our running adventures, here is a list of smells that have mingled together:

Dirty running shirts
Bug spray
Old banana peels
Shane’s shoes
Dave’s 34-mile-never-been-changed socks
Coolers filled with melting ice and squishy food
Bodily functions
Teen spirit

Feel like you’re missing out?



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4 responses to “Smells In Our Car

  1. Stu

    Feel free to just burn my truck when you are done.

    • LOL. Stu, I can’t tell you enough how much we appreciate you letting us borrow your truck. It worked perfectly. Thank you. (And just so you don’t get too worried…the smells were pretty much removed once the people left the truck, and we sat on blankets/towels the whole time to protect your seats.)

    • Jake


      Ignore Mo, you’ll actually need to burn the truck. No seriously, we were really good about putting down blankets and towels (including, oddly, one large sheet that I didn’t recognize: turned out to be a tablecloth that my wife had purchased; oops). Thank you for letting us use your Suburban; having the space in the back let people sleep, eat, and stretch. We literally wouldn’t have done as well as we did without it and we all really appreciated you helping us out!


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