Advice For 2012 WWR?

I know, I know, the 2011 Wild West Relay just ended, and yet you see that I’m going to ask about 2012 already. Here’s why: our team would love to participate again, and while the memories are fresh, we’re trying to come up with a list of things we’d do differently so we can remember it for next year.

If you were a team that competed in the 2011 WWR relay (or any previous years for that matter), what advice to you have for future participants? How would you train differently? Advice on packing? Eating? Sleeping? Car arrangements? Any tidbit you have will be helpful.

We’ll compile a list and will possibly post it for all of us to have for reference next year.




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3 responses to “Advice For 2012 WWR?

  1. I’ll start. One thing I’d like to do next year is train at higher elevations, and have a couple days that our team gets together and does 2-3 runs of 5-6 miles each with about 3 hours in between. This will help simulate the race environment and get us used to that sort of schedule.

  2. This is my second year running on a 12 person team so my advice won’t jive necessarily with an Ultra Team but I will fire away nonetheless.

    1. Get a Driver – having someone drive so that all the others in the van can rest helps.
    2. Get a Big Ass Van – the more room the better.
    3. Travel Light – I took a different pair of socks, shirts, underwear, and headband for each leg, plus a hoodie, one long sleeve shirt, my favorite pair of running shorts, and one pair of warm pants. That’s all. Gloves are optional but my hands were cold on my night leg run.
    4. Eat Light – I ate the same pre-race meal before each leg. Banana and half a sandwich. I never ate to full. You don’t have enough time between legs to digest your food and end up feeling heavy and lethargic.
    5. Sleep is Overrated – you run a marathon in 3 or 4 hours and run 30 -40 miles in 24 hours. You don’t sleep during a marathon so why do you need to when you are running in separate legs. Most of us aren’t used to staying up for 24 hours straight so you may want to practice that once before you head out for the relay.
    6. Run Like You Train – I had two “very hard” category legs with loads of elevation gain and little descend, therefore I ran lots of five and seven mile runs on the treadmill uphill the entire time. We don’t have any nine mile hills in Kansas City.

    This isn’t advice so much as it is things that worked for me. I ran the same three legs this year that I ran last year and was faster on all three of them. I even managed to get up leg 31 “Rabbit Ears” in less than 45 minutes.

    • That’s great. Thanks, Ben! Super helpful. And good job on your leg 31 time! That’s awesome!

      Your comment about sleep is good. While most will want to try and get sleep, the truth is that it just doesn’t happen. So, yeah, getting used to running on no sleep is a good thing to do.

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