Day 3 In Aruba

So we’re on day three in Aruba. It’s been great to relax and not worry about anything. Today, we’re going to try out another beach, maybe one that has good snorkling off shore.

Yesterday, we hung out at Eagle Beach, the one right outside our resort. The sand is awesome and sugary. The water is great too…perfect temperature and beautiful colors. There are lawn chairs and palapas available for shade.

The one thing that’s stuck me so far in Aruba is that they really cater to tourists. Almost too much. We went to the high-rise area last night for dinner, where there are a ton of American restaurant chains (Tony Roma’s, TGI Friday’s) and others that apparently the tourists prefer (Senior Frogs). It was a nice area, but it felt manufactured. We always prefer to get a dose of local culture when we travel, and we definitely didn’t get it last night. Maybe we’ll try somewhere else tonight.



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