Yoga, I’ve Missed You

I went to my first yoga class yesterday in at least three months (maybe four…). It’s been a while. Once the summer hits, it’s hard for me to want to stay indoors for excercise. But, now that fall is creeping in (kinda…although it was 86 yesterday…), I figured I may as well get back in the habit.

I’m sore. It’s amazing how much your muscles hurt from the littlest movements in yoga.

I checked out a new studio yesterday – Samadhi Yoga Studio in Uptown. So far, so good. The location is great…only takes me 10-15 minutes to get there from work. It’s always interesting going to a new place and getting used to new instructors. Here’s a look at Samadhi’s main yoga studio:

I’m having to switch it up because my favorite studio, Sacred i, is now way across town from me and hard to get to. It used to be so conveinient to get there during lunch or after work with my old job. But, alas, it’s far away now and I really miss it!! =(

Here’s a picture of me (second one in), practicing at Sacred i. The studio was featured in a Denver Post article last spring. =)

I also have a Groupon I need to use for Root Yoga Center, which is off 15th and Platte, REALLY close to my work. Walking distance, in fact. I’m excited to check it out. One of my favorite teachers in Denver, Kat Saks, teaches there, which is a good sign.

And, I just bought a Living Social coupon today for The Yoga Mat, which is near Curtis Park downtown. $22 for five classes. Not too shabby. And, my friend, Abby O’Neal teaches there. Neat.

So, I have lots of options. Hopefully I’ll find another gem of a studio nearby because I’m really excited to get back in the yoga habit this fall/winter! Then you can all buy some packages for me at my new favorite studio, because my coupons will run out soon. =) okthanksbye




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