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Hmm, Maybe I’ll Make a Sash

My brother and his fiance are having an engagement party in Phoenix tomorrow. Cocktail attire. That means I need to fit this growing bump into a dress somehow.

I’m in the awkward in-between stage. My current/old clothes don’t quite fit me, but I’m not really ready for maternity gear. So, I didn’t want to go out and by a new dress, and I couldn’t really start trying my current dresses on until earlier this week, not knowing how big the bump would be.

So, after sifting through many dresses in my closet, and borrowing others, I’ve come up with a little black number that should do the trick. The only issue is that it needs a sash or a belt or something. I really like this blue sash that I have, but it was too dark, so I made one from some fabric I had on hand.

I didn’t realize until after the fact that I’m going to be Halloween-themed. Oh well. Here’s some progress shots and the final result.












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It’s Baby Time! Nursery Styleboard

For those of you that don’t know…now you know: we’re having a baby. Due at the end of April. Time to plan the nursery! Yippee!

Here’s the styleboard. We’re going for a woodland theme… squirrels, owls, deer, oh my.

We already have the crib, the dresser and the rug. Also, the prints have been purchased (from Etsy, where else?). The goal is for the room not to be cute-sy, but put together while remaining playful. I want a mix of vintage and modern items…hence, the crib’s vintage style and the rocker’s modern style. No cartoon-y wallpaper or decals or curtains. Not allowed. =)

It’ll be a mix of greens, oranges and browns. All different hues. I’d like to bring in brass accents. The base color will be a warm greige (gray + beige), painted on the walls.

And you’ll see that my quilt fits together perfectly in the room (planned). I’m also going to make a little mini baby version of the quilt.

Here’s what I’m thinking for layout:

The room used to be our office, which will now meld into Brady’s office in the basement. We started cleaning it out the old office and reorganizing into the new office this past week. What a process. I’m feeling more organized, though. It’s almost time to paint the room!

So, you probably noticed that the room is pretty gender neutral. That’s also on purpose. We haven’t decided yet whether or not we’ll find out the gender (still have 6+ weeks to decide), but we’re leaning towards it being a surprise.

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Pumpkins = Fall

If you’re paying attention to Facebook, you may have realized (like me) that apparently fall = pumpkin patches. Especially if you have kids. I swear every other update from my friends has a picture of them with their baby at a pumpkin patch.

So, we jumped on the bandwagon this weekend. My bro, his fiance and I went up to Fort Collins to hang out with our cousin, who is a sophomore at CSU. We were planning on hiking, but my smart self ended up dropping a stool on my right foot, completely bruising my right big toe. No hiking for me. Instead, we got some pumpkins and did some carving. Now our fall is complete.








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Winter Park Weekend

Brady and I spent the weekend in Winter Park. It was a great getaway. Very relaxing. We got to visit with B’s sister, do some hiking and sleep in. 🙂

We had planned to hike near Grand Lake, which goes into Rocky Mountain National Park. We got to the trailhead, and were reminded by signs that RMNP doesn’t allow dogs on trails. Boooooo. So, we walked around Grand Lake a bit and had lunch.


Then, we tried another local hike. Turns out it was more of a forest walk than a hike. We were tucked in the trees the whole time (no views) and didn’t really break a sweat (no climbing). I wasn’t really a fan. Didn’t even take any photos.

We stayed at the Zephyr Mountain Lodge. We’ve never seen the resort so vacant. It was a bit eerie, but also really nice and quiet.



We stayed on the 7th floor. Lola was with us, which meant lots of walks and trips up and down the elevator. Whew! Confirmation that we’ll never live in a high-rise with a dog.

Here’s Lola, waiting for a walk.


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Winter Hut Trip!

On a whim last week, we got some friends together to do a winter hut trip. We’re a bit late to the game, however. Most people book huts for the winter on a lottery system back in March. So, after some back-and-forth on available weekends and available huts, we found one that will work: Benedict Fabi’s Hut by Aspen. Super excited! We’re going at the beginning of December.

Check out how NICE this hut is. Apparently the outhouse has amazing views, too.

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Race Day

I love race day! Brady and I woke up early Sunday morning to cheer on the runners in the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 Marathon and Marathon. It was fun. I love the excitement and buzz that fills large races like these.

Here we are, bundled up and ready to cheer on the first runners at mile four.


Our friend, Dave, hit a PR in the 1/2: 1:25:04. He did awesome! Here he is at mile eight.


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Quilting, quilting, quilting…

I’ve made some progress on the quilt! Doing this by hand is going to take for-ev-er. But, worth it I think. I like how it’s turning out so far.

I’ve pinned all three layers together (backing, batting and quilt top). I was lucky enough to get some alpaca batting from my mother-in-law, which is awesome (it’s also a really fine fiber that sticks to everything…). And, for the back, I took the lazy route and am using an old sheet (directions called for a quilted back too…way too much work, I think).

Here are some progress shots. Lola’s a good helper (not).

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