The quilt that never ends

I started making a quilt in January, and I’m just now finally finishing the top. It’s taken me forever. It’s my first full-size, professional quilt, so I’ve been trying to do things right instead of quickly.

For instance, I’ve been following the directions on my pattern to the littlest detail. I’m following Amy Butler’s Sunshine (free) quilt pattern. The directions include instructions to print out paper patterns and to sew the fabric pieces together with the paper included. So what you end up with is a fabric front and a paper back.

Then, it tells you to remove the paper by “gently tearing all paper from the back of quilt top, being careful not to pull seams.” Wow. Really? This was a dumb idea. Granted, it was great during the sewing process, because I didn’t need to worry about stopping to measure, etc. HOWEVER, it was a huge pain to remove the paper.

It was a messy, messy process that left our living room in shambles for about a week (I’d work on it a bit every night…so no sense cleaning up in between). It drove Brady nuts. =)

Now I need to layer in the batting and the backing and start quilting, which is another reason the quilt will take forever. After consulting with my mother-in-law last week, I’ve decided I’m going to hand quilt it, rather than on the machine. I think it’ll turn out better and more handmade looking.

It’s going to be another looooong process, though! Oh well. You gotta do the first quilt right, right? Right?


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