Winter Park Weekend

Brady and I spent the weekend in Winter Park. It was a great getaway. Very relaxing. We got to visit with B’s sister, do some hiking and sleep in. 🙂

We had planned to hike near Grand Lake, which goes into Rocky Mountain National Park. We got to the trailhead, and were reminded by signs that RMNP doesn’t allow dogs on trails. Boooooo. So, we walked around Grand Lake a bit and had lunch.


Then, we tried another local hike. Turns out it was more of a forest walk than a hike. We were tucked in the trees the whole time (no views) and didn’t really break a sweat (no climbing). I wasn’t really a fan. Didn’t even take any photos.

We stayed at the Zephyr Mountain Lodge. We’ve never seen the resort so vacant. It was a bit eerie, but also really nice and quiet.



We stayed on the 7th floor. Lola was with us, which meant lots of walks and trips up and down the elevator. Whew! Confirmation that we’ll never live in a high-rise with a dog.

Here’s Lola, waiting for a walk.



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