Hmm, Maybe I’ll Make a Sash

My brother and his fiance are having an engagement party in Phoenix tomorrow. Cocktail attire. That means I need to fit this growing bump into a dress somehow.

I’m in the awkward in-between stage. My current/old clothes don’t quite fit me, but I’m not really ready for maternity gear. So, I didn’t want to go out and by a new dress, and I couldn’t really start trying my current dresses on until earlier this week, not knowing how big the bump would be.

So, after sifting through many dresses in my closet, and borrowing others, I’ve come up with a little black number that should do the trick. The only issue is that it needs a sash or a belt or something. I really like this blue sash that I have, but it was too dark, so I made one from some fabric I had on hand.

I didn’t realize until after the fact that I’m going to be Halloween-themed. Oh well. Here’s some progress shots and the final result.












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