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These are a few of my favorite things

I’m relatively new to blogging. It’s been about five months since I started this blog. My original goal wasn’t really to achieve anything. I just wanted a place to play a bit online.

Then, I realized it’d be a great tool for sharing updates with family and friends, since we are all scattered throughout the country. So, that’s been my main audience.

I don’t really have any revised goals for my blog, but I will say that I LOVE blogs that share opinions, give advice and also go through detailed diy projects. These are the blogs I follow most regularly, and I think they have a real value-add.

Someday, it’d be great if my blog did that for others. Until then, I’d like to share who I follow:

Lay Baby Lay – creative nursery ideas and other baby advice.

Modg Blog – – For funny (really funny), pregnancy/baby advice. Product reviews. And other insights.

Little Green Notebook – – For great design ideas and really thorough, step-by-step (w/ pictures!) diy projects.

A Pretty Cool Lifewww.aprettycoollife.comFor fun craft projects, ideas and other inspiration.

Our Mid Centurywww.ourmidcentury.comFor creative mid century modern design ideas. 

The Purl Beewww.purlbee.comFor sewing and knitting/crocheting ideas and inspiration.

Well, those are the favorites, the sites that I visit most often. Please visit and enjoy! If you find any others that are similar, please let me know!


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Add it to the list…

I found another project I want to tackle! Now that I know how to knit, I’d love to take the Lamb Shoppe’s top-down baby jacket class. I could make this:

Now, I need to find out when they’ll have this class next!

I stumbled upon this inspiration when looking at Laura’s blog…in case you want another Denver crafter to follow…

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Mamas and Babies

Today is my moms’ birthday (happy birthday, mom!). I just came across this picture of her and my dad (and me…in the belly).

I’m not sure how far along she was in this picture. Looks like she’s a bit larger than I am right now, but it’s kinda cool thinking about what she and my dad were thinking about before I arrived. Were they super excited to meet this new little person (probably…that’s a dumb questions…duh, it’s me!)? Were they crazy stressed about money like Brady and I? Point being, it’s kinda neat to think about your parents being in the same spot you are in right now.

Although I’m glad I won’t be laying on an avocado green rug anytime soon.


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DIY Chevron Rug

I’ve been all about diy projects recently. I LOVE this Ikea hack that I found through Little Green Notebook’s blog, and I’ve been wanting to do it ever since. Well, the nursery finally gives me that opportunity (as does the newly opened Ikea that’s finally in town!).

Inspiration was a $250 5×8 rug from West Elm:

I started with a $40 Ikea Erslev rug. Size: 5×7.

I then cut out my zig zag template from a piece of cardboard. I ripped apart a box so I could get one long strip that covered the width of the rug. I did a 3″ zig zag stripe.

Laying the template on my rug, I taped the chevron pattern with 1″ blue painter’s tape. I wanted even stripes, so I measured every time I put the template down again for a new row so that it was evenly spaced.

Note: the pictures are kinda yellowed since I didn’t use a flash. (A little something about me: I don’t like flashes on cameras…they tend to bleach things out. Brady hates that I don’t use flashes.)

Once taped, I started to paint the rug using a dry brush technique (aka barely any paint on the brush). This gives the rug just enough paint to absorb into the fabric so that it’s tinted with the new color. Too much paint would mean a thick, somewhat sticky surface once it dried. Who wants to walk on that?

Let the paint dry for a few hours and you’re done!

Here’s a look at my rug, halfway through removing the tape:

And the final product, in the nursery with its newly painted walls. =)

And, one with Lola for good measure. She loves getting into my pictures. (Side note: it was not easy getting this done in our living room with a dog and two cats. All three creatures were super curious. I had to guard the rug with my life, basically, and we had to set the rug in the nursery and close the door so it could dry in peace.)

I’m super happy with the outcome of the rug! I like the textured look that the dry brushing gives it. And I love the price! All told, I probably spent $60 on the rug, for the same look of one that would have cost $250. PS – I probably spent more than I needed because I got a gallon of paint (I’ll use it elsewhere), which was way too much. And two rolls of tape, when I only needed one.

Please note that if you want to do your own rug and paint different colors, you’d have to either be more deliberate with your taping process, or you’d have to wait until color #1 dries and then tape again before applying color #2. I knew I was going to have the original rug come through for my alternating stripe, so I taped and painted accordingly.

Yay for nursery progress!


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H&M and Inspiration

On Wednesday, some lady friends and I went to the pre-grand opening of H&M Denver. Free drinks and apps, and the chance to FINALLY shop at an H&M in Denver. (Wow, with an Ikea AND H&M, I do believe we are complete!)

Here’s us in line (we only waited 20 minutes or so).


Yes, that’s me holding a tree.

Oh, and here are some pictures of the event from the Denver Business Journal: click here. If you go to the slideshow, check out picture #30. Guess who………….?

So, I picked up a few things. How could you not? Everything was 25% off already low prices. I got some leggings and a long-sleeve shirt dress (aka preggo-friendly items). I also tried on a couple coats, but alas, couldn’t button them. My belly’s not huge, but it’s big enough. Sad face. Good news is they do have a maternity line when I’m ready to get big-bump clothes.

Here’s the dress I bought:


AND I found some inspiration for a future diy project…an oversized envelope clutch. Super excited! Here’s the one from H&M:


And here’s an online diy courtesy of SWELLMAYDE:

My list of projects adding up. I need to work less and craft more, I think. =)

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Quilt Progress

I’m making progress on my quilt…albeit slowly. One quilt square is now hand-quilted. Only eight more to go! Yeesh.


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Look who learned how to knit

I just learned how to knit. And I learned the purl stitch. Here’s the start of a scarf. Neat.


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