H&M and Inspiration

On Wednesday, some lady friends and I went to the pre-grand opening of H&M Denver. Free drinks and apps, and the chance to FINALLY shop at an H&M in Denver. (Wow, with an Ikea AND H&M, I do believe we are complete!)

Here’s us in line (we only waited 20 minutes or so).


Yes, that’s me holding a tree.

Oh, and here are some pictures of the event from the Denver Business Journal: click here. If you go to the slideshow, check out picture #30. Guess who………….?

So, I picked up a few things. How could you not? Everything was 25% off already low prices. I got some leggings and a long-sleeve shirt dress (aka preggo-friendly items). I also tried on a couple coats, but alas, couldn’t button them. My belly’s not huge, but it’s big enough. Sad face. Good news is they do have a maternity line when I’m ready to get big-bump clothes.

Here’s the dress I bought:


AND I found some inspiration for a future diy project…an oversized envelope clutch. Super excited! Here’s the one from H&M:


And here’s an online diy courtesy of SWELLMAYDE:

My list of projects adding up. I need to work less and craft more, I think. =)


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