Mamas and Babies

Today is my moms’ birthday (happy birthday, mom!). I just came across this picture of her and my dad (and me…in the belly).

I’m not sure how far along she was in this picture. Looks like she’s a bit larger than I am right now, but it’s kinda cool thinking about what she and my dad were thinking about before I arrived. Were they super excited to meet this new little person (probably…that’s a dumb questions…duh, it’s me!)? Were they crazy stressed about money like Brady and I? Point being, it’s kinda neat to think about your parents being in the same spot you are in right now.

Although I’m glad I won’t be laying on an avocado green rug anytime soon.



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2 responses to “Mamas and Babies

  1. Diane Skotak

    This picture brings back lots of memories: I thought it was a good idea to cut my hair and get a perm as soon as I found out I was expecting — bad idea; I really enjoyed eating candy corn and didn’t care too much about how much weight I was gaining — I took full advantage of the excuse that I was eating for 2; we had the feeling we would bring a baby girl into the world, but we wanted to be surprised; we were newly married, in a new town, with a new doctor and a new place to live, dad had a new job and we didn’t know what we didn’t have. We loved you before we knew you but experienced love beyond belief when we met you. You made our joy complete. And we can hardly wait for you to experience this all for yourselves. We love you! mom

  2. Sarah

    Tales of such a beautiful family. Thanks for the window in. 🙂 xo ~s

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