These are a few of my favorite things

I’m relatively new to blogging. It’s been about five months since I started this blog. My original goal wasn’t really to achieve anything. I just wanted a place to play a bit online.

Then, I realized it’d be a great tool for sharing updates with family and friends, since we are all scattered throughout the country. So, that’s been my main audience.

I don’t really have any revised goals for my blog, but I will say that I LOVE blogs that share opinions, give advice and also go through detailed diy projects. These are the blogs I follow most regularly, and I think they have a real value-add.

Someday, it’d be great if my blog did that for others. Until then, I’d like to share who I follow:

Lay Baby Lay – creative nursery ideas and other baby advice.

Modg Blog – – For funny (really funny), pregnancy/baby advice. Product reviews. And other insights.

Little Green Notebook – – For great design ideas and really thorough, step-by-step (w/ pictures!) diy projects.

A Pretty Cool Lifewww.aprettycoollife.comFor fun craft projects, ideas and other inspiration.

Our Mid Centurywww.ourmidcentury.comFor creative mid century modern design ideas. 

The Purl Beewww.purlbee.comFor sewing and knitting/crocheting ideas and inspiration.

Well, those are the favorites, the sites that I visit most often. Please visit and enjoy! If you find any others that are similar, please let me know!


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