My First Knitting Project: Complete

About a month ago (or so), I went with a friend to an Intro to Knitting class at Fabric Bliss. And, thus, my knitting addiction commenced.

Because I already knew how to crochet, I think it helped me pick up knitting quickly. It probably helps that Aurora (owner of Fabric Bliss) is a great instructor. I’d definitely recommend Fabric Bliss’ classes if you’re in Denver!

In class, we were given a pattern to make a scarf. I followed the pattern (mostly), but made a cowl instead. I didn’t really want to take the time to knit a sufficiently long scarf, and I didn’t want to buy more yarn on a project that was just for me. I also made a few minor adjustments to the pattern so I wouldn’t have to do that much purl-ing. My notes below.

It turned out great! Love the color. Love the length. It’s a perfect little cowl. And it’s done in perfect time for me to take advantage of wearing it during this really cold weather we’re having right now (ummm…high of 18 today. That’s Fahrenheit…). I might want to make 20 more in all different colors.

Here are a few pictures of the final result.

Using size 13 needles, I cast on 24 stitches.

I knit regularly for 10 rows.

Then I did four rows of knit, purl, knit, purl.

Back to 10 rows of knitting.

Then, again: knit, purl, knit, purl.

I followed that pattern for eight rotations.

Then I cast off, and sewed the ends together (with yarn).

I’m sure I could have finished it off more elegantly, but I was anxious to get it done so I could work on my other projects. It was really fun to learn to knit, and to finish something relatively quickly.

This cowl took less that one skein of Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick yarn – about $8. I used the citron color.

And, just because I took bump pictures after I took cowl pictures, you get a bonus baby bump photo. Taken right at the week 20 mark. Feeling large.


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