Hut Trip Near Aspen – Benedict Fabi’s

Continuing my attempt to embrace winter…

Last weekend we went on a hut trip with two other couples. We went to the 10th Mountain Division’s Benedict Fabi Hut, near Aspen. It was a really good time. It was cold and snowy, but not enough to deter us.

We had a six-mile hike up and a six-mile hike back. Going up was brutal. There really wasn’t a break in the climbing. It took us a solid six hours to get to the top – that time includes several pit stops and an extended break for lunch. From the main parking lot (the lower one), we clocked total milage on the way up to be 6.08 miles.

Not having hiked anything significant in a while, this was really tough for me and my ever-shrinking lung capacity. Plus, the weight of my pack, the extra weight of me and my changing body didn’t help matters. My pack doesn’t fit anymore, which I found out as we were putting on gear. The hip strap doesn’t fasten, meaning the weight of the pack isn’t distributed properly. My hip flexers ended up carrying most of the weight and KILLED towards the top. Brady was a trooper and really helped me through. It’s so frustrating not being myself!! Everyone else did great, though.

The hut is uber-cute. It’s one of the newer ones…built in 2004.

If you go, I’d recommend printing out directions from And getting several maps. Those were our resources, and between them all we found our way just fine. However, I will say that no one set of directions out there is comprehensive. Even the directions from hutski can be a bit unclear on their own.

Here are a few pics of the trip.


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