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Showers for Babies

Going to a baby shower tomorrow for a friend that’s due three weeks before me. They are having a girl. I made her a couple hats with fabric flowers (kanzashi flowers), and a blanket.

My blanket pattern is below if interested.

The blanket pattern:

Chain 111, turn

First row: DC two in first chain. *DC 9. Skip one chain. DC 1. Skip one chain. DC 9. In next chain, DC increase (3 DC).* Repeat from * three times (or longer if you’d like your width to be longer). Your last sequence is a bit different since it ends the row: DC 9. Skip one chain. DC 1. Skip one chain. DC 9. In last chain, DC 2. Turn.

Rows 2 – XX: repeat first row until you reach desired length. I did 78 rows.

Every six rows, I changed colors.

My final blanket ended up being about 30″ x 40″ (or so).

OK, now I need to start making things for my baby! Although I do have a list of other new babies that I’ve been meaning to make things for…urg.



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Quilt Progress

I’m making progress on my quilt…albeit slowly. One quilt square is now hand-quilted. Only eight more to go! Yeesh.


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Tank’s Baby Shower Gifts

Two weekends ago, I went to a friend’s baby shower and was able to give her the gifts that I made. I love giving homemade gifts! It’s almost as fun as making them.

I made her and her soon-to-be-born baby girl the granny square baby blanket that I mentioned before. It turned out good. It’s a bit crooked, but I guess that goes along with the handmade element. (Psst…anyone have any tips on how NOT to make a granny square crooked?)

I used Caron’s Simply Soft yarn in Strawberry and Grey Heather. I used two skeins of the Strawberry, and one of the Grey Heather. Actually, I only really used one Strawberry skein plus maybe 1/16 of the second skein. Because I started and ended with the Stawberry, it required more yarn.

I forget the measurements of the final blanket, but I’d say it was about a 3.5′ square.

I followed instructions on You Tube on how to make a Granny Square, then just kept going (typically granny’s are a lot smaller squares that you piece together).

Then, I had enough extra Grey Heather to make a baby beanie! It turned out so cute. The hat itself was precious, but I thought it was a little bland, so I made kanzashi flowers to adorn it. I LOVE how it turned out. Maybe beanies are more my calling than blankets.

To make the beanie, I (again) followed instructions on You Tube. It was actually pretty simple to learn. I watched the video a few times at the Miami airport and took down detailed directions. Then, I crocheted the entire beanie on the flight from Miami to Denver. =)

To make the flowers, I cut squares of fabric in three different measurements: six, two-inch squares; six 1.5-inch squares; and six one-inch squares. You fold the fabric in triangles three times (just half it over itself). Then, sew the ends together and pull the thread tight so they form a circle. (My instructions are probably vague…I’m sure you could google Kanzashi flower and come up with better step-by-step instructions.)

Then I secured each flower by sewing the edges to the hat. And, placed a tiny pearl bead in the center of each.


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My First Granny Square

I spent the night watching TV, while teaching myself some new crochet skills. Yeah, I’m pretty cool. 🙂

I also figured out what kind of blanket I’m going to make…a granny square. I’ll do it with two colors, gray and pink. Here’s the start:


I’m following a pattern from the Purl Bee. They have a really cool example. I like all the colors.


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New Project

I feel like everyone I know is having a baby right now. And I, for one, don’t think we can let these babies into the world without a cozy blanket. Right? So, one baby at a time, I will tackle this problem.

Just picked up some yarn for a girlie blanket. I love this pink color (“strawberry”). Not sure yet what pattern I’ll go with. I may also try a little beanie.


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