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Can I Please Register on Etsy.com?

Oh, babies. That’s all I think/talk about these days. Sorry.

Registering for Baby was no easy task. Not necessarily because we didn’t know what to get, but mostly because of picking the location. I’m not a fan of the big box stores, but that’s the easiest place to send people for baby showers. We completely avoided the Babies R Us madness. We don’t have a Buy Buy Baby near us. So, we chose Target and Amazon.com for our registry. Between the two stores, I think we have the basics covered.

But, neither place (nor any other big box stores) has the cute stuff that everyone loves to get/give at baby showers. Thus, I propose registries on Esty. Etsy people/exectuives, this is my official request. I’m sure you’ll see it since you read my blog a lot. haha.


Look how cute some of this stuff is…and it’s unique. And affordable. And if you want to buy me something off my unofficial registry, here’s a link to my favorites page. =)



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