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Can I Please Register on Etsy.com?

Oh, babies. That’s all I think/talk about these days. Sorry.

Registering for Baby was no easy task. Not necessarily because we didn’t know what to get, but mostly because of picking the location. I’m not a fan of the big box stores, but that’s the easiest place to send people for baby showers. We completely avoided the Babies R Us madness. We don’t have a Buy Buy Baby near us. So, we chose Target and Amazon.com for our registry. Between the two stores, I think we have the basics covered.

But, neither place (nor any other big box stores) has the cute stuff that everyone loves to get/give at baby showers. Thus, I propose registries on Esty. Etsy people/exectuives, this is my official request. I’m sure you’ll see it since you read my blog a lot. haha.


Look how cute some of this stuff is…and it’s unique. And affordable. And if you want to buy me something off my unofficial registry, here’s a link to my favorites page. =)



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Mamas and Babies

Today is my moms’ birthday (happy birthday, mom!). I just came across this picture of her and my dad (and me…in the belly).

I’m not sure how far along she was in this picture. Looks like she’s a bit larger than I am right now, but it’s kinda cool thinking about what she and my dad were thinking about before I arrived. Were they super excited to meet this new little person (probably…that’s a dumb questions…duh, it’s me!)? Were they crazy stressed about money like Brady and I? Point being, it’s kinda neat to think about your parents being in the same spot you are in right now.

Although I’m glad I won’t be laying on an avocado green rug anytime soon.


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It’s Baby Time! Nursery Styleboard

For those of you that don’t know…now you know: we’re having a baby. Due at the end of April. Time to plan the nursery! Yippee!

Here’s the styleboard. We’re going for a woodland theme… squirrels, owls, deer, oh my.

We already have the crib, the dresser and the rug. Also, the prints have been purchased (from Etsy, where else?). The goal is for the room not to be cute-sy, but put together while remaining playful. I want a mix of vintage and modern items…hence, the crib’s vintage style and the rocker’s modern style. No cartoon-y wallpaper or decals or curtains. Not allowed. =)

It’ll be a mix of greens, oranges and browns. All different hues. I’d like to bring in brass accents. The base color will be a warm greige (gray + beige), painted on the walls.

And you’ll see that my quilt fits together perfectly in the room (planned). I’m also going to make a little mini baby version of the quilt.

Here’s what I’m thinking for layout:

The room used to be our office, which will now meld into Brady’s office in the basement. We started cleaning it out the old office and reorganizing into the new office this past week. What a process. I’m feeling more organized, though. It’s almost time to paint the room!

So, you probably noticed that the room is pretty gender neutral. That’s also on purpose. We haven’t decided yet whether or not we’ll find out the gender (still have 6+ weeks to decide), but we’re leaning towards it being a surprise.

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Tank’s Baby Shower Gifts

Two weekends ago, I went to a friend’s baby shower and was able to give her the gifts that I made. I love giving homemade gifts! It’s almost as fun as making them.

I made her and her soon-to-be-born baby girl the granny square baby blanket that I mentioned before. It turned out good. It’s a bit crooked, but I guess that goes along with the handmade element. (Psst…anyone have any tips on how NOT to make a granny square crooked?)

I used Caron’s Simply Soft yarn in Strawberry and Grey Heather. I used two skeins of the Strawberry, and one of the Grey Heather. Actually, I only really used one Strawberry skein plus maybe 1/16 of the second skein. Because I started and ended with the Stawberry, it required more yarn.

I forget the measurements of the final blanket, but I’d say it was about a 3.5′ square.

I followed instructions on You Tube on how to make a Granny Square, then just kept going (typically granny’s are a lot smaller squares that you piece together).

Then, I had enough extra Grey Heather to make a baby beanie! It turned out so cute. The hat itself was precious, but I thought it was a little bland, so I made kanzashi flowers to adorn it. I LOVE how it turned out. Maybe beanies are more my calling than blankets.

To make the beanie, I (again) followed instructions on You Tube. It was actually pretty simple to learn. I watched the video a few times at the Miami airport and took down detailed directions. Then, I crocheted the entire beanie on the flight from Miami to Denver. =)

To make the flowers, I cut squares of fabric in three different measurements: six, two-inch squares; six 1.5-inch squares; and six one-inch squares. You fold the fabric in triangles three times (just half it over itself). Then, sew the ends together and pull the thread tight so they form a circle. (My instructions are probably vague…I’m sure you could google Kanzashi flower and come up with better step-by-step instructions.)

Then I secured each flower by sewing the edges to the hat. And, placed a tiny pearl bead in the center of each.


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