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How To Crochet a Simple Beanie

Back in Glenwood a few weeks ago, my friends and I occupied a coffee shop and crocheted/knitted for a good 5-6 hours. We felt like old bitties, but it was fun. And, we were even serenaded by an accordion at one point.


Remember that hat I crocheted for a friends’ baby? Well, I attempted to teach the group how to do it. We all came up with different results (different yarn, different-sized hooks). However, I think the following directions give a good enough tutorial. When in doubt, check YouTube (that’s how I learned).

For a small hat, use thinner yarn and a smaller hook. For an adult-sized hat, use thicker yarn and a larger hook. For the adult-sized hat I’ll show in this tutorial, I used Lion Brand’s Thick and Quick yarn with a size N hook.

Start by chaining three stitches. Then, join the chain with a simple slip stitch.

Chain two (slip stitch).

Now, start your first row by stitching 11 half double crochet stitches into the center hole you created by joining your original chain.

Time to start your second row. It’s helpful to mark where you start. In between each stitch from the previous row, crochet two half double crochet stitches. So, row two will end up with double the amount of stitches (24).

Third row. You’re going to do one half double crochet (HDC) increase on every other stitch. That means you’ll do start off your row with one HDC. In the next spot, do two HDC. In the next spot do one HDC. Keep alternating in that pattern for all of row three.

Fourth row. One HDC in each spot.

Here’s a picture of my progress at this point…somewhere between row 3 and 4:

Fifth row. Do one HDC increase every three stitches. So, one HDC, one HDC, two HDC. Repeat.

Sixth row. Do one HDC in each space.

Seventh – Xth row. Continue to do one HDC in each space until you reach the desired length. I think I ended up doing 10 rows or so. I kept testing it on my head until I reached the desired size.

To finish off my hat, I did a couple single crochet stitches, then a few slip stitches so that the end tapers off. Then, tie off and tuck in the tail. You’re done!

Here’s my final result (fuzzy pic, but you get the idea):


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