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Found: Mid-Century Rocker for the Nursery!

We had some good friends in town visiting before Christmas. One afternoon with no plans, and they got suckered into tagging along with me to two mid-century stores I had yet to go to in search of our nursery rocker. As one of my favorites would say: “bazinga.” Hehe.

Well, lo and behold, the last store we went to FINALLY had a chair that would work! (I’d been to like 9-10 mid-century stores in the past few weeks.) Our friends must’ve been good luck. Especially because they had a checkbook. And I didn’t. Nor did I have cash. And the store didn’t take plastic. I bargained a bit off the pricetag, and we walked out with a chair for $100. And then, our friends decided to gift us the chair…because they’re that cool.

So, here she is (along with a very pretty model):

What I like about it: it rocks, but it doesn’t look like a rocker. It’s in really good shape. It doesn’t stink. It’s green, and goes with the theme. It was cheap (compared to everything that I like). It makes me happy.

What Brady likes about it: his knees touching his chin when he sits in it. LOL. So, maybe it’ll be used by me the most. That probably would’ve been the case anyway.

I also scored the ottoman pouf on Etsy. Oh, how I love Etsy. I’ll need to find a sidetable for next to the chair and some bright/fun pillows for lumbar support.

More pics/angles:




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Dear Baby Market, You Suck

I’m trying to find a rocker for the nursery. At first, I thought it would be awesome to have an Eames molded rocker. I still do, actually. But, all the “real” ones are crazy expensive ($400+ for a used mid century chair). And all of the remakes are fake looking. Bleh.

This is what I wanted:

And, the more I thought about it, I don’t know how comfortable an Eames rocker would be. Being practical kinda blows.

So, I started looking at some other options, and there’s just nothing I like. Either it’s awesome and modern and really expensive, or it’s plain ugly (yet somehow affordable…I guess people like ugly).



Really ugly:

You get my point with the ugliness. I’ll stop there, even though it continues. I don’t understand why there are soooo many variations of ugly rockers, but there are. And that’s why the baby market sucks. People actually buy these. There must be a market for ugly chairs because otherwise there wouldn’t’ be so many ugly rockers out there.

And then, on the other end of the spectrum, there are the chairs that would be awesome and would fit perfectly in our nursery. But they are expensive. Really expensive.

Very pretty (PS I think I’m in LOVE with Monte Designs):

Guess how much this one sells for? $1,000. Ugh.

Very pretty:

Again, Monte Designs nails it. How cool would this orange be in our nursery? And it looks comfy. And it has modern lines. Love it. Price? $1,000. Noticing a trend?


I really like this one too. It blends the vintage and modern, which is what we’re going for. This one is from Nursuryworks. Price? $800.


Also from Nurseryworks. $700. Price is getting better. But, still. $700???!!

There are a few others that I like, but you get the point. They are all expensive. And no one has them for resale on Craigslist. Only the ugly ones are listed on Craigslist. Again, this is why the baby market sucks. They make a commodity out of ugliness and charge you ridiculous amounts for anything you’d actually want/use.



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