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Nursery is (almost) Done!

Yippee! Spent WAY too much time in the nursery today, but it’s almost done! And by almost I mean like 97.456% complete. Here are some pictures.

From the hallway (two directions):

I mentioned it before, but we did a “woodland” theme. So, owls, squirrel, deer, foxes, etc. The base colors are gray and dark brown, with pops of bright yellow (citron), orange and green.

Here’s some pictures of the “family tree” wall.

There are still some missing elements to the wall. We have three pictures to fill in – one will be a print of a family tree, the other will be of baby and the last is a picture of one set of grandparents that we’re waiting on. We’ll order the family tree print once baby is born because his/her name will go on it. And I’m going to make some animal masks (owls, deer, fox, etc.), which will go on the empty hooks.

Here’s the dresser/changing table area. We refinished a hand-me-down dresser (thanks Joe and Sara!) and painted it green. Then added some new knobs from Anthropologie. Brady made a frame to hold the changing pad, which is secured to the back of the dresser. We have a tray with a bunch of owls on it now (thanks mom, Matt/Em and Sarah!), but the tray is eventually meant to hold diaper-changing necessities in the future…

The crib is vintage and was purchased used off Craigslist. The prints above the crib are from Etsy, and were actually the inspiration for the entire nursery design. The sensory cubes in the crib were made by a crafty friend (thanks Bo!). And the boppy cover came from Etsy (hooray for a non-corny boppy cover!). I might be able to make a couple additional covers myself, too. Eventually.

And, the wall with the bassinet is currently awaiting a bookshelf. We’ll get one at some point. I also have my eye on some mirrors that I’d like to sandwich with print that’s on that wall. The bassinet will go in our room when baby arrives; it was purchased off Craigslist (we had registered for the same one, but got it at 1/3 the price…nice), and I re-covered the bumper in a fabric that coordinated with everything else. It was polka dots before with some frilly lace. I’m a fan of lace and all, but I don’t like how cliche lace is on bassinets.

And, finally, the closet. We added some shelfs and bins in there. It’s already full of stuff thanks to generous family and friends.

So, there you have it.

I’m also VERY CLOSE to finishing my quilt! It’ll go in the nursery, but it won’t be for baby necessarily.

Oh, yeah, and we need a baby for the nursery. I don’t think he/she is in any hurry, though…sigh. 38 weeks, two days and counting…



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Last Night I Mounted a Deer

I made a deer head out of cardboard for the nursery last night. This is a grainy iPhone pic, but you get the idea.


I followed these instructions, but I wanted it to be bigger than theirs, so I kinda free-sketched my template based on their templates. Turned out pretty good, and it saved me $30 on nursery decor. =)

Blue tried to help. He was not helpful.


The deer head will be part of the “family tree wall.” Here’s my style board for that wall:

I got the idea from laybabylay’s nursery. Mine will incorporate more woodland elements, mostly sourced from etsy…unless I can make them myself, like the deer head.

It’s slowly coming together. I need a few more things, and the nursery should be done.  Pictures will be posted once it’s complete!

PS – I am a grumpy grump today. I’m tired. And every single person I’ve seen has said something like: “look how big you’re getting!” Every. single. person. Uh, thanks. I know. I want to yell back “NO S**T!” But, yelling isn’t nice. Humph. OK, enough pregnant lady ranting. I feel (a bit) better now.


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Mola Pillow For The Nursery – Yay for Owls!

Remember the Mola I bought in Panama? I made it into a pillow for the nursery. Here are some progress shots and a sorta tutorial (I’m not very good at measuring, so maybe it’s not best to follow my lead =)

I started off with a pillow insert I had at home already. The mola fit perfectly to cover one side.

I also had some fabric on hand to use for the back. I chose the dark brown. The orange was too matchy (made up that word just now) and the green was too much of a contrast.

I wanted the back to form a pocket, so I could slide the pillow insert inside. So, I guesstimated the size I’d need and cut two pieces of the brown fabric appropriately. Again, probably better to measure exactly here, so don’t follow my lead. Then, I sewed the right sides together on one side of the pillow (to be more specific, I sewed the mola, or the front, with ONE of the back fabric pieces…you can see my other piece in the background of this photo).

I wanted to have a cord to frame the edges of the pillow. So, I found an old shoelace (from the Boston Marathon…what what) and sewed it in to place. It was my make-shift filler for a cord.

Once in place, I folded the shoelace in half and sewed a line down it again. This made it thick enough to be a good filler.

Once the shoelace filler was ready, I folded the fabric back over so it was right-side out again and sewed along the edge to create the cord.

I then created a hem on the first back piece of fabric.

Now, time to add the second piece of back fabric. Same process. I sewed right sides together first. Just on one side of the pillow.

Then, I repeated the same shoelace-cord process.

After the cord was in place, I repeated the same hemming process for the second back piece. Now, here’s where measuring would’ve been good. I guesstimated the lengths of the back pieces just by laying them over the mola. They overlapped quite a bit, so I thought I’d be covered (or it would be covered…haha, love those puns). Well…I forgot the small little part about the pillow insert. Turns out they wouldn’t cover it after all.

Ho hum. Time for some stitch ripping. I hate stitch ripping. Maybe I should’ve measured.

So, once I repeated the process for the second back piece, I then started paying attention to the sides. I didn’t take any pictures of this (not sure why), but here was my basic process to sew the sides together:

1. I used the fabric from my botched attempt at the second back piece to create cords for both sides. To create the cords, I took 2-3″ wide pieced of fabric and sewed the shoelace to the fabric as shown above. I left about an inch of fabric past the cord so that I had room to sew it to the very edge of the mola.

2. I then turned the entire piece right-side in, and sewed along the edges of the pillow to gather all of the loose ends.

3. I then trimmed/tucked the corners.

And, bingo. Pillow for the nursery.

The last picture gives you a sneak-peek of the nursery. It’s pretty close, but it’s not quite done, so that’s all you get to see for now. =) I love the how the geometric pattern of the mola syncs up with all of the other bold geometric patterns we have going on in the nursery.

Well, there’s your sorta tutorial on pillow-making with cords and folds (not sure what official terms are). Hopefully I didn’t thoroughly confuse you.

UPDATE: Piping! It’s called piping! Not cord or cords or cording…

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Nursery Progress

The old office is cleaned out. Only the desk left. Blue paint tape is up. Walls have been trimmed. Time to paint!

PS – grey is new color…yellow is old.




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Dear Baby Market, You Suck

I’m trying to find a rocker for the nursery. At first, I thought it would be awesome to have an Eames molded rocker. I still do, actually. But, all the “real” ones are crazy expensive ($400+ for a used mid century chair). And all of the remakes are fake looking. Bleh.

This is what I wanted:

And, the more I thought about it, I don’t know how comfortable an Eames rocker would be. Being practical kinda blows.

So, I started looking at some other options, and there’s just nothing I like. Either it’s awesome and modern and really expensive, or it’s plain ugly (yet somehow affordable…I guess people like ugly).



Really ugly:

You get my point with the ugliness. I’ll stop there, even though it continues. I don’t understand why there are soooo many variations of ugly rockers, but there are. And that’s why the baby market sucks. People actually buy these. There must be a market for ugly chairs because otherwise there wouldn’t’ be so many ugly rockers out there.

And then, on the other end of the spectrum, there are the chairs that would be awesome and would fit perfectly in our nursery. But they are expensive. Really expensive.

Very pretty (PS I think I’m in LOVE with Monte Designs):

Guess how much this one sells for? $1,000. Ugh.

Very pretty:

Again, Monte Designs nails it. How cool would this orange be in our nursery? And it looks comfy. And it has modern lines. Love it. Price? $1,000. Noticing a trend?


I really like this one too. It blends the vintage and modern, which is what we’re going for. This one is from Nursuryworks. Price? $800.


Also from Nurseryworks. $700. Price is getting better. But, still. $700???!!

There are a few others that I like, but you get the point. They are all expensive. And no one has them for resale on Craigslist. Only the ugly ones are listed on Craigslist. Again, this is why the baby market sucks. They make a commodity out of ugliness and charge you ridiculous amounts for anything you’d actually want/use.



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It’s Baby Time! Nursery Styleboard

For those of you that don’t know…now you know: we’re having a baby. Due at the end of April. Time to plan the nursery! Yippee!

Here’s the styleboard. We’re going for a woodland theme… squirrels, owls, deer, oh my.

We already have the crib, the dresser and the rug. Also, the prints have been purchased (from Etsy, where else?). The goal is for the room not to be cute-sy, but put together while remaining playful. I want a mix of vintage and modern items…hence, the crib’s vintage style and the rocker’s modern style. No cartoon-y wallpaper or decals or curtains. Not allowed. =)

It’ll be a mix of greens, oranges and browns. All different hues. I’d like to bring in brass accents. The base color will be a warm greige (gray + beige), painted on the walls.

And you’ll see that my quilt fits together perfectly in the room (planned). I’m also going to make a little mini baby version of the quilt.

Here’s what I’m thinking for layout:

The room used to be our office, which will now meld into Brady’s office in the basement. We started cleaning it out the old office and reorganizing into the new office this past week. What a process. I’m feeling more organized, though. It’s almost time to paint the room!

So, you probably noticed that the room is pretty gender neutral. That’s also on purpose. We haven’t decided yet whether or not we’ll find out the gender (still have 6+ weeks to decide), but we’re leaning towards it being a surprise.

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