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Mola Pillow For The Nursery – Yay for Owls!

Remember the Mola I bought in Panama? I made it into a pillow for the nursery. Here are some progress shots and a sorta tutorial (I’m not very good at measuring, so maybe it’s not best to follow my lead =)

I started off with a pillow insert I had at home already. The mola fit perfectly to cover one side.

I also had some fabric on hand to use for the back. I chose the dark brown. The orange was too matchy (made up that word just now) and the green was too much of a contrast.

I wanted the back to form a pocket, so I could slide the pillow insert inside. So, I guesstimated the size I’d need and cut two pieces of the brown fabric appropriately. Again, probably better to measure exactly here, so don’t follow my lead. Then, I sewed the right sides together on one side of the pillow (to be more specific, I sewed the mola, or the front, with ONE of the back fabric pieces…you can see my other piece in the background of this photo).

I wanted to have a cord to frame the edges of the pillow. So, I found an old shoelace (from the Boston Marathon…what what) and sewed it in to place. It was my make-shift filler for a cord.

Once in place, I folded the shoelace in half and sewed a line down it again. This made it thick enough to be a good filler.

Once the shoelace filler was ready, I folded the fabric back over so it was right-side out again and sewed along the edge to create the cord.

I then created a hem on the first back piece of fabric.

Now, time to add the second piece of back fabric. Same process. I sewed right sides together first. Just on one side of the pillow.

Then, I repeated the same shoelace-cord process.

After the cord was in place, I repeated the same hemming process for the second back piece. Now, here’s where measuring would’ve been good. I guesstimated the lengths of the back pieces just by laying them over the mola. They overlapped quite a bit, so I thought I’d be covered (or it would be covered…haha, love those puns). Well…I forgot the small little part about the pillow insert. Turns out they wouldn’t cover it after all.

Ho hum. Time for some stitch ripping. I hate stitch ripping. Maybe I should’ve measured.

So, once I repeated the process for the second back piece, I then started paying attention to the sides. I didn’t take any pictures of this (not sure why), but here was my basic process to sew the sides together:

1. I used the fabric from my botched attempt at the second back piece to create cords for both sides. To create the cords, I took 2-3″ wide pieced of fabric and sewed the shoelace to the fabric as shown above. I left about an inch of fabric past the cord so that I had room to sew it to the very edge of the mola.

2. I then turned the entire piece right-side in, and sewed along the edges of the pillow to gather all of the loose ends.

3. I then trimmed/tucked the corners.

And, bingo. Pillow for the nursery.

The last picture gives you a sneak-peek of the nursery. It’s pretty close, but it’s not quite done, so that’s all you get to see for now. =) I love the how the geometric pattern of the mola syncs up with all of the other bold geometric patterns we have going on in the nursery.

Well, there’s your sorta tutorial on pillow-making with cords and folds (not sure what official terms are). Hopefully I didn’t thoroughly confuse you.

UPDATE: Piping! It’s called piping! Not cord or cords or cording…


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H&M and Inspiration

On Wednesday, some lady friends and I went to the pre-grand opening of H&M Denver. Free drinks and apps, and the chance to FINALLY shop at an H&M in Denver. (Wow, with an Ikea AND H&M, I do believe we are complete!)

Here’s us in line (we only waited 20 minutes or so).


Yes, that’s me holding a tree.

Oh, and here are some pictures of the event from the Denver Business Journal: click here. If you go to the slideshow, check out picture #30. Guess who………….?

So, I picked up a few things. How could you not? Everything was 25% off already low prices. I got some leggings and a long-sleeve shirt dress (aka preggo-friendly items). I also tried on a couple coats, but alas, couldn’t button them. My belly’s not huge, but it’s big enough. Sad face. Good news is they do have a maternity line when I’m ready to get big-bump clothes.

Here’s the dress I bought:


AND I found some inspiration for a future diy project…an oversized envelope clutch. Super excited! Here’s the one from H&M:


And here’s an online diy courtesy of SWELLMAYDE:

My list of projects adding up. I need to work less and craft more, I think. =)

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Quilting, quilting, quilting…

I’ve made some progress on the quilt! Doing this by hand is going to take for-ev-er. But, worth it I think. I like how it’s turning out so far.

I’ve pinned all three layers together (backing, batting and quilt top). I was lucky enough to get some alpaca batting from my mother-in-law, which is awesome (it’s also a really fine fiber that sticks to everything…). And, for the back, I took the lazy route and am using an old sheet (directions called for a quilted back too…way too much work, I think).

Here are some progress shots. Lola’s a good helper (not).

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The quilt that never ends

I started making a quilt in January, and I’m just now finally finishing the top. It’s taken me forever. It’s my first full-size, professional quilt, so I’ve been trying to do things right instead of quickly.

For instance, I’ve been following the directions on my pattern to the littlest detail. I’m following Amy Butler’s Sunshine (free) quilt pattern. The directions include instructions to print out paper patterns and to sew the fabric pieces together with the paper included. So what you end up with is a fabric front and a paper back.

Then, it tells you to remove the paper by “gently tearing all paper from the back of quilt top, being careful not to pull seams.” Wow. Really? This was a dumb idea. Granted, it was great during the sewing process, because I didn’t need to worry about stopping to measure, etc. HOWEVER, it was a huge pain to remove the paper.

It was a messy, messy process that left our living room in shambles for about a week (I’d work on it a bit every night…so no sense cleaning up in between). It drove Brady nuts. =)

Now I need to layer in the batting and the backing and start quilting, which is another reason the quilt will take forever. After consulting with my mother-in-law last week, I’ve decided I’m going to hand quilt it, rather than on the machine. I think it’ll turn out better and more handmade looking.

It’s going to be another looooong process, though! Oh well. You gotta do the first quilt right, right? Right?

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Tanzanian Fabric

Oh, I’m so excited! New fabric makes me giddy. I work for a non-profit health care system that’s helping to raise money for the Plaster House in Tanzania. So, there was a fundraiser/sale of products from the Tanzanian Widows Group at our office today. And guess what I found…

…some delicious new fabric to play with! I love that vibrant green. I’m excited to work with it.

I think I’m going to make a fabric clutch with it to start. There’s so much fabric, I could probably make 30 of them, actually. Hmmm…new businses venture? Here is some inspiration. Any favorites?


I think the last idea is my favorite, from the Purl Bee. Here’s there tutorial. Winner!

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