Official Results Posted

Good news or bad news?

Good: we did awesome. Not proud to admit it because we never expected it. We posted an amazing time. 27hr:55min:10sec. This was WAY faster than we ever hoped we’d get. (also last year, the winning time was 28:06:14…the year before, winning time was 28hr:51min)

Bad: we got second place. By 37 seconds. Can you believe it?!?! 37 seconds!!! Needless to say, we’re all looking back at the race trying to analyze what we could’ve done differently.

Here’s a look at the full results:

Overall, a great experience with a great team. What a memorable event.



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2 responses to “Official Results Posted

  1. mary and russ

    If you folks are even thinking about next year, it appears to us that the key to winning is as simple as everyone running their leg 1.2 seconds faster; and to wine and dine the Ultra Virgins the night before the race and the UncomfortaBLY Long Hugs sticking to water just to be sure.

    It was terrific fun watching the team’s progress through the blog. Great job everyone – your performance is inspirational.

    mary and russ durling

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